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Jonathan Braver
Miami, Florida

Your platform to experience the best things in life 

Braver Hospitality

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The Idea

Braver Hospitality is here to offer exclusive access for Members to experience the best things life has to offer. Providing curated experiences outside the box. Braver gives members access to rental Islands, mega yachts, private jets, private DJs, personal body guard and so much more.


Plan trips and experiences through joint partners and receive first class services. Braver Hospitality is like your own personal travel agent in the palm of your hands.

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The Process

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14 days

Ideate to solidity


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10 days

Product / Market


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14 days



90 days


Native iOS App

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Completed in

143 days

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10 days

Go-to-market strategy

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5 days

Prototype &
Beta Test

The Team
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Product Developer
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Product Designer
Quality Assurance
Quality Assurance
Tools Used
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Adobe XD
Design and protoype
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Develop App
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Project Management
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Zoom whiteboard
Whiteboard session
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Google drive
Manage files
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Direct Emailing 
Tech Stack
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Meet The Team And Tools Used

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The Problem

The world is moving fast and time is our most valuable commodity. There are businesses to be managed, ideas to develop, errands to run and vacations to plan. 
Many adventurers want to experience the best things life has to offer.


For many, we don’t have access. We don’t know how to get VIP tables at a Tiesto’s concert or find an island to rent or a last minute reservation for a mega yacht. Many of us look to have the time of our life but don’t really know how to go about it. Introducing Braver. 

Braver Hospitality offers Elite Members exclusive first-class experiences planned, organized, and booked stress free.

The Solution

Combining human expertise with artificial intelligence Braver is a lifestyle experience operated by the Braver AI and the highly skilled concierge team on the platform. The Braver service allows our Elite Members to tailor-make their experiences, whether you need help at Coachella or a ticket to a sold out F1 event– Braver can handle it all at the press of a button, and within seconds. All you need is your bags (or passport) ready!

  1. First Class Service: Give yourself the best treatment when you book with us

  2. Access to exclusive toys, events and locations 

  3. Hassle Free: Eliminating the stress of setting up the perfect trip, vacation and more

  4. Exclusive Access: Find villas, islands, and trips you won't find anywhere else

A/B Testing

Here we A/B tested the different short menu styles while keeping the button icons the same. We were testing visibility, clarity in the nav menu options

and overall experience. 

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Low Fidelity
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High Fidelity
Small Island

Who is our early adopter?

  • Our early adopter is composed of working professionals, executives and founders 

  • Attend burning man, coachella 

  • Traveling in to Miami or Tulum 

  • Networth over $1M

Where is our target market?

Mainly targeting members in the US, with a focus on states containing high value networth individuals. Specifically in NY, Miami, LA, SF.

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The Market

Content goes here...

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Competitive analysis

As part of our competitive analysis, we take a look at the competitors business model, tech stack, feature list and most importantly, their user acquisition strategy

Velocity Black  

  • Exclusive access to member only 

  • Charge 30% more for subscription plan 

  • In 3 locations globally 

  • Raise $28 million, established in 2014

Ten Lifestyle

  1. Only web presence 

  2. Focus on restaurants, hotels, and events 

  3. 22 locations globally 

  4. 3 subscription options

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User Specific Features

Elite Members

After being accepted into the platform, Elite Members can browse through all the options available ranging from yachts all the way to islands. A complete 24/7 concierge service. Braver Hospitality also provides options for customized arrangements along with a Braver store containing exclusive products.


Elite Members are able to chat with the concierge regarding  their reservation requests and experiences, while our AI recommendation engine understands at a deeper level what the member could be planning for and makes suggestions based on their trips and party size.


Elite Members are all auto assigned a unique invite code that can be used to invite family and friends to join the platform. (26).webp

Team Members

The team members are internal operators. They’re the human factor to the service. Team Members are delegated to support Elite Members with their service requests.


All assigned reservations will appear on the calendar and are then routed to an actual human for easy communication. The Team Member component of the app allows for them to engage, invoice, support and service Elite Members. (27).webp
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What's the flow (32).webp
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MosCoW Prioritization

 MoSCoW method or MoSCoW analysis, is a popular prioritization technique for managing requirements. The acronym MoSCoW represents four categories of initiatives: must-have, should-have, could-have, and won't-have, or will not have right now.

Must Have

User Account Registration

Invite Only Code

Access to every category

Custome Request

Profile dashboard

Admin dashboard


Should Have

Crypto payment

Credit card payment

Push notification

Invite to people in their network

Team Component

Calendar Integration

Could Have

Live customer support

Admin dashboard to manage team and members

Group chat among team and admin

Won't Have

Own/Listing product


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Design Guide

Color Palette




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Neovix Bold

Neovix Basic


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Icon Pack

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Group 43.png
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Writing on Glass
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Users want to reserve multiple options at once. Travel, yacht and tickets. We realized this during our focus group testing and determined we want the UX to allow for multiple reservations at once. (In the pipeline for future development)

Crypto payments are a way of the future. Implemented a coinbase wallet to allow our customers to pay using crypto.


Custom options are essential to a user’s experience, we want them to feel like they can order and have anything they need at their fingertips.


We created the out of the box experience to enhance our business offering and the user experience.

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