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Zahra Thomas
Atlanta, Georgia

Finding the perfect fitting jeans is like striking gold


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The Idea

Who can forget the iconic scene from the film "Clueless," when Cher became the envy of every fashionista when she used her computer to generate perfectly-matching outfits each day? Well, fast forward 25 years and MultiFitz has promised you just that. 

MultiFitz is a personal stylist in the palm of your hand. This application allows users to build a personal wardrobe, based on the style they are looking for. Users answer a few questions and BOOM! MultiFitz auto-generates a ‘Fit’ based on everything that makes you, you.

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The Process

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20 days

Ideate to solidity


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15 days

Product / Market


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45 days



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15 days

Prototype &
Beta Test


Raising Capital

$1.3 Million

Completed in

182 days

Tools Used
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Adobe XD
Design and protoype
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Develop App
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Project Management
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Zoom whiteboard
Whiteboard session
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Google drive
Manage files
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Direct Emailing 
Tech Stack
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Meet The Team And Tools Used

The Team
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Product Designer
Product Developer
Woman Browsing in Clothing Store
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The Problem

Social-Distance Date? Masked Coffee with Girlfriends? Unfortunately, the days of running into the mall on a moment's notice are slowly dwindling. Covid-19 has made shopping and sharing clothes with friends a risky endeavor. With MultiFitz users can experience a broad range of styles from the comfort of their home - convenience taken care of. 

Now let’s talk about the thousands of shoppers out there that have a hard time finding the right outfit for the occasion, sprinkle the complications of finding your size and BOOM! Multifitz does it again. We find our users the exact sizes. All the options they see are tailored based on their size and occasion. 


The Solution

Enter MultiFitz. This application has provided a judgment-free, all-inclusive, affordable place to give your wardrobe the face lift that it deserves. 

  1. Your personal stylist, find anything you need based on your occasion.

  2. MultiFitz suggests outfits based on your mood, style, price range and size. 

  3. Effort-less clothing matched and designed to fit you, customizable and flexible options. 

  4. This app is very easy to use, and ideal for fashionistas.

A/B Testing

We couldn't decide which UI/UX to launch with and wanted to A/B test the different experiences we curated for our users. Our objective was to provide our user with different articles of clothing and allow them to curate their own wardrobe.  

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2-Home - Version 2 – 1.png

Showed match percentage to encourage users to complete their profile details

Gave users the option of showing dress when pressing here

Increased the options to show 3 different rows. Tops, bottoms, and  shoes

Users can add items to their "wardrobe" which essentially is their shopping cart.

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Low Fidelity
Home - Dresses – 2.png
High Fidelity
Home - Dresses – 1.png

Who is our early adopter?

Women between the age of 25-30 that don’t have enough time to go shopping but want to attend events, birthdays or casual dates looking and feeling great about what they’re wearing. 

Where is our target market?

  • Our target market is single women of color across the US. 

  • Working class with a median income of $70k-$85k. 

  • Main method of shopping for clothes online. 

  • Have a netflix AND amazon Prime subscription 

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The Market

  • In 2019, women contributed an estimated $26.0 billion to the gross domestic product (GDP) of the United States.

  • Women of color supplied a significant amount of labor daily to the GDP of the United States:

    • Black women: $3.8 billion.

    • Asian women: $1.7 billion.

    • Latinas: $4.2 billion. 

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Competitive analysis

As part of the competitive analysis, we dissect the competitions product analyzing their UI/UX, tech stack, and more. This allows us to capitalize on what the competition has done really well and where they can improve. In many cases, leading competitors have invested millions into R&D which is to our advantage if we can understand it. Here are some of findings while analyzing Bumble and Hinge. Two dating giants in the game.

Featured List


  1. Product search

  2. Shop

  3. Sell

  4. News

  5. Social to follow people

  6. Newsfeed

  7. Ecommerce

Stitch Fix

  1. Product search

  2. Shop

  3. Sell

  4. News

  5. Social to follow people

  6. Newsfeed

  7. Ecommerce

Business Model


  1. New and Used Items

  2. Transaction fee from seller

  3. Brand deals

  4. Revenue sharing with vendor

Stitch Fix

  1. Free for shipping and nor subscription

  2. Sales commission with vendors

  3. $20 styling fee

Acquisition strategy


  1. Mainly targeting women shoppers

  2. 16M monthly visitors

  3. 62% organic

  4. 38% paid

  5. 159 ads found

  • Youtube

  • Pintrest

  • Facebook

Stitch Fix

  1. Mainly targeting shoppers

  2. 3.1M visitors per mo

  3. 63% Organic

  4. 37% Paid

  5. 996.9k backlinks

  6. 312 paid traffic

  • Facebook

  • Linkedin

  • Youtube

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User Specific Features


Tell Multi-fitz the event you’re attending, the weather, your mood, sizes, budget, color and brand category. From there, our algorithm will generate outfits for you to select and purchase with a single tap of a button. (22).webp


MoSCoW method or MoSCoW analysis, is a popular prioritization technique for managing requirements. The acronym MoSCoW represents four categories of initiatives: must-have, should-have, could-have, and won't-have, or will not have right now. (23).webp
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What's the flow (25).webp
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MosCoW Prioritization

MoSCoW method or MoSCoW analysis, is a popular prioritization technique for managing requirements. The acronym MoSCoW represents four categories of initiatives: must-have, should-have, could-have, and won't-have, or will not have right now.

Must Have

User Account Registration

Customer + Vendor Profile

Filter Option

Resources Page

Automated Clothing Selection

AI generated Results

Should Have

Push Notification

Direct Messaging

Inventory Management For Merchant

Ecommerce Functionality

Market Libraries

Could Have

Edit Profile Capabilities

Upload Media in Chats

User verification Via email

Device verification via phone number

Ability to quickly forward clothing pieces via text/ email/ social media to friend/ family


Won't Have

Premium Account

Live Customer Support

Amazon integration for item options

Ebay integration for item options

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Design Guide



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Icon Pack

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