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5 Mobile App Trends For 2021

Updated: Jul 2, 2021

Five Mobile App Trends To Expect In 2021

Hey guys, welcome to another one of my blogs. In this segment I talk about the top 5 mobile app trends of 2021 based on some research I've done. It was really hard to condense it all down to these 5 as many could argue that there are stronger contenders aside from these. Obviously some of these will be bias as I personally find these technologies fascinating.

Internet Of Things

At number 5, Internet of Things AKA (IOT). You may have noticed the reduction in consumer products now that we're all immersed and desensitized by Alexa, Google Home and Siri. It even has Mark talking to the Almighty Morgan Freeman.

I remember my capstone project for BUS 145—Product Management for the Internet of Things from when I was taking evening classes at Stanford's Continuing studies. Our capstone project for that class was to create an IOT product that scanned farmer soils and provided an analysis to the farmer allowing them to better understand the soil composite and adjust for better crop yields.

Fast forward to today, I wish I had more time to create IOT products. I remember making my first Alexa App called Fake Trump Internet Facts........ That's a story for another day but if you want a link to that app I built check the link here.

While we're on this subject, here are my top 3 Alexa Skills:

1. IFTTT (create custom logic to help streamline your day)

2. Schedule / Productivity category (so many under this category that I simply couldn't pick one)

3. Send a hug (virtual hugs to your contacts when you're missing them. This comes in handy for me as I get so busy in life that I don't connect with family as much as I would like)

Let's move on to the rest...

Cloud Apps

At number 4, we have cloud apps. The development of cloud-based apps have various benefits, with the main advantage being the ability to facilitate accessibility and scalability whilst also managing the capacity to simplify cross platform development. Cloud Apps have also simplified the integration across micro services. In addition, it helps reduce development time and the actual number of developers needed to publish an app in the app stores.

Digital Commerce

At number 3, The future of digital commerce. WTF is that? It's pretty much Crypto Currency exchanges by integrating cyrpto wallets on your apps. That's right, transactions such as in app purchases, subscriptions, one time payments are being done using cypto currencies. I actually have a full video on this, you can find it in the description here. So check that link out for more on this, i cover a bit on a cashless society then dive right into crypto currencies.

Jumping into number 2....

5G Network

5G, thats right.. with the increased infrastructure of the 5g network you'll see improvements across the user experience, whether you're on the browser app, email, calendar, productivity apps, and yes, I'm talking to you everyday smartphone users. For those developers watching this, with the first round of 5G smartphones now in the market, developers are beginning to use the technology to its full potential to create high tech apps that rely on faster data sharing and increased connectivity speeds. In particular, 5G is being used to enhance mobile gaming app experiences and have a significant impact on apps employing 4K video streaming, virtual reality, and augmented reality.

Artificial Intelligence

At numero uno, the almighty AI - and sure if there are any data scientists or analysts watching this they'll be quick to conger it up as "his top 5 is all bias" but will also appreciate that AI is at the top. And to be honest, I've got a special connection to AI, for a minute in my life, I almost pursued the MIDS program at Cal Berkeley - it stands for Masters In Information and Data Science. I'll paste the link for some of you guys that maybe interested in this program. Literally since mid senior year as an Undergrad all I cared about was getting into this program. I even took my GRE twice to make it over their min 80th percentile threshold. Long story short, I came at a crossroad and decided to pick freelancing, which looking back at it.. I'm pleased to have made that choice. It's reframed/restructured my entire view on things.

As AI continues to advance, we’ll see user experiences become more tailored and personalized to the end-user. AI algorithms analyze large amounts of data to detect patterns, allowing computer systems to make decisions, predict user behavior, and recognize images and human speech, among many other things. For developers, the insights that come from AI will help to deliver more compelling apps. Businesses across all verticals but especially in retail, supply chain, media and entertainment will look at AI as the key to future success.

I'm curious to know what you guys think about these top 5 trends. List your comments below.

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