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Funding Options to Raise Capital for Your Startup

Business startups most often begin with high self confidence and investor confidence. However, there are many situations that arise and can either make or break the startup. Recent research has shown the huge number of business startups that crash due to these countless circumstances.

The necessary ingredient for a startup to thrive is capital. Without this, many business startups crumble as they seek a financial backbone to produce. After finding data analysis tailored toward your startup, obtaining funding is an important next step. The following are tips to gain capital for your business startup!


Bootstrapping or self-funding is an important process in building your startup. Utilizing funds from yourself, your friends, and/or your family allows a safety net during beginning stages. Having easily accessible funds from a trustworthy source may be less binding than from an external source. While bootstrapping may save you from bureaucratic restriction, this form of self-funding is only feasible for a small-enterprise company as opposed to a larger business.


Today's technology boosters this form of interaction between entrepreneurs and investors. Crowdfunding websites are created for users to pitch business ideas and problems to a group of investors and other business startups. If willing, an investor will publicly support and fund the select business startup. These websites allow a sort of free marketing in getting your name out as well as placing more trust in the finance portion of your startup. The con to this platform is the amount of competition that arises. If many businesses are pitching the same idea as your own, it may be hard to make a name of yourself.

Venture Capital

Venture capitalists have a keen eye for companies with high growth potential. These investors provide capital to companies for return equity. Further, these professionals not only invest in the company, but also contribute mentorship from their prior experience. Working with a venture capitalist to monitor the progress of your startup allows for a trustworthy growth. That said, this form of capital is often short term, usually ending within 3-5 years once the venture capitalist removes their investments.

Business Incubators and Accelerators

Normally found in bigger cities, business incubators and business accelerators have a small but mighty difference in what they can offer your company. Incubators nurture and take baby steps with your startup to help more with the fundamentals. On the other end of the spectrum, business accelerators fast-track your business with access to investors and services that allow a greatly sufficient startup.

Business Contests

A fun and interactive way to raise funds and gain attention towards your startup is by entering business contests. These competitions allow businesses to present their ideas and pitches against other companies vying for the same funding. Free marketing and attention will be given to your startup, as well as ideas pitched by the businesses involved.

Bank Loans

Bank loans offer a financial backbone to startups with a solid and trustworthy business plan. This plan must include a durable modus operandi, profit expectation, and maturity plan. These institutions provide capital loan and funding for your startup.

Microfinance Providers and Non-Banking Financial Companies

Funding from these providers are geared towards small startups with either poor credit or funds without high legality. These loans allow smaller scale startups without access to the previous opportunities to gain funds without the legal trouble.

Government Programs

The government provides grants for small business who need funding, and are an excellent way to gain capital for your startup. Your business plan must be approved by the government grant committee, and once scrutinized will offer the funds needed to kickstart your business.


Offering a pre-sale allows your startup to gain an initial fund before completely launching your product. Companies like Apple and Samsung offer pre-sale to gain rapport and trust with their consumers. Further, this allows you to size up for demand and gain a better understanding of sales.

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