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The 10 Best Tech Startup Logos of 2019

Updated: Mar 27, 2020

Logo design, when done well, can lead to that spark of familiarity and recognition that makes us feel like we know the brand. An effective logo can establish a brand identity and form a strong connection with your audience.

We've put together some of the best logos of 2019 for you to digest and understand the effectiveness as well as the thought process of logo design.

For emerging startups, a logo can serve in representing your company from the very beginning, while fostering feelings of credibility and trustworthiness to help it grow.

Whether you’re creating your startup logo with the help of a professional designer or with an online logo maker tool, here’s what to look for in your logo, as well as 15 of the best tech logos.

What makes a good logo?

Before you start on your logo, take into account these key qualities you should aspire to in your tech startup logo:

Relevance: Your logo’s visual language should be a representation of your business offer. For example, a startup may want their design to exude modern, state-of-the-art technology.

Distinctiveness: A logo that is unique and differentiated from the competition creates a stronger visual impact, helping your business stand out.

Simplicity: The simpler the logo, the more memorable it will be. While it can be tempting to go in-depth about all of your startup’s different services and nuances, it’s better to encapsulate a single, well-defined idea.

Scalability: Your logo should look its best on every possible medium, both digital and physical. From desktop to mobile, and from billboards to business cards, ensure that your logo is versatile and fitting for all sizes and applications.

The best tech startup logos

01. Ception

Ception offers precise localization solutions with pinpoint accuracy. Their logo design manifests this idea with a three-dimensional geometric design that offers their own version of an “X marks the spot,” as well as a nod to the familiar GPS pin icon.

The four triangles making up the design are each in a different shade taken from the startup’s brand colors. By setting all colors but one to a lower opacity, and giving them a slight gradient, there’s an added sense of depth and volume to the logo. It also creates a modern feel, alluding to the advanced technologies involved in Ception’s product.

While the full logo includes the startup’s business name, its icon also serves as a stand-alone logo for some applications. For example, the favicon (the little icon at the top of the browser) on their website proves just how well the logo works even in miniscule proportions.

02. techNovus

TechNovus Infotech Solutions is a cloud-based consulting service. Their logo, creates a sense of swift motion, generating feelings of forward-thinking and ingenuity.

The appearance of movement is achieved using a circle that starts from one direction, but then transforms into an open-ended shape. This design helps establish techNovus as a dynamic, constantly evolving startup.

03. Foxie

Tourism app Foxie turns the exploration of different cities around France into a game. Their logo is a fox’s face, perfectly symmetrical and featureless so that it looks more like a logo than an illustration.

By going for a fox’s head and a cheeky business name, Foxie places the values of fun and playfulness at the core of their brand identity. The use of the color orange, as color psychology can tell us, reinforces these values with its cheerfulness and freshness. In addition, the gradients used for shading gives the logo a three-dimensional effect, making it come to life.

04. Ursa

Ursa Space Systems is an intelligence system that uses satellite-based data. While their logo is mostly typographical, it also points to their use of satellite with a simple graphic solution - the placement of four differently sized dots around the letters.

The dots’ uneven positioning and sizing references the shape of the Ursa Major constellation. It also makes it seem like they can orbit around the letters. This idea is taken a step further on the startup's website, with an animated version of the logo that features the dots swerving around the text.

The visual language of the logo extends to the rest of their website design, by using colored dots as a motif throughout.

05. SERVIO Technologies

SERVIO Technologies is a software development and distribution company. Their startup logo is shaped like a plus sign, whose rounded corners give it a softer edge and make it inviting and full of energy.

The color palette is a combination of warm shades of orange and yellow, contrasted with cool blues, amounting to a well-balanced result. Blue is a commonly used color for high-tech and startup logos, as it conveys notions of trust and efficiency. Here, the company lets this color take lead, placing it at the more prominent axis of the plus sign.

06. Caper

Caper’s versatile design combines two types of logos, to be used interchangeably depending on their application. On their homepage design, for example, they feature the full wordmark logo, while on their social media channels and on the actual product, they go for an abbreviated lettermark of the first initial.

As a tech company specializing in autonomous shopping carts, Caper’s logo includes a dotted letter C. The two dots represent the grocery cart’s wheels, and their coral pink color makes the cart feel fun and exciting. Referencing the visual shape of the product in the logo’s design is a good practice for building brand recognition.

07. Crew

Crew is an app for teams, meant to boost team motivation and help create a more informed and supportive working environment. Their startup logo is based on a cursive logo font combined with a check mark symbol.

The lowercase, flowy font is light and friendly. The cursive letters are physically joined together, generating notions of collaborative teamwork, just as the name suggests.

The added check mark builds on this positive approach, giving off a sense of accomplishment. Placing the check mark in a message bubble hints to the fact that Crew is an app. The check mark and bubble symbol also doubles as the app’s icon.

08. GRAX

For their tech company logo, GRAX uses a single-weight line that refers to the last letter in their name. Their take on the X shape - with a rounded center and additional surrounding lines - transforms the icon into a more distinct visual that can be easily associated with the company.

The color purple, which often stands for quality and creativity, is applied here with a soft gradient. This effect helps the logo stand out, making it look as if it’s been struck by a passing lightbeam. When placed against a dark blue background, as can be seen in their website color scheme, the logo seems to be almost radiant.

09. Swish Fibre

As a broadband provider, Swish Fibre’s brand identity is centered around the idea of fast and secure internet. Through implementing two different letter weights in their logotype, Swish Fibre creates a sense of forward movement. Their abstract symbol of a dotted circle is equally dynamic, with the dots growing larger towards the circle’s center and the incorporation of a gradual color transition.

Font and shape are both determining factors when it comes to designing a logo. Notice how the dotted I’s in Swish Fibre’s typeface reiterate the dots to their left, making the design feel cohesive.

10. Diality Inc.

Diality Inc. provides a smart home dialysis machine. To represent this concept, their letterform logo turns their first initial into a circular shape that resembles the blood circulation system, with the D serving as the heart at its core.

By utilizing white space, one of the key principles of design, the D at the center stays easily legible. The letter is easy to spot, thanks to the two breaks in the shape’s line, allowing it to stand out.

Well that wraps up all the 10 we've seen. Let us know which ones were your favorites, which ones you liked and didn't like and which you think were the most remarkable logos from the top 10. Look forward to your comments below.


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