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The Value of an Experienced App Development Agency

Updated: Jul 30, 2020

You won’t find our level of technical knowledge, processes, and standards at a freelancer or startup. The best companies generate long-term value because of the skill, collaboration, and experience they’ve built over time. Our strategy and services have a proven history of working as a team to create successful products. That’s real ROI. When you partner with an experienced, established developer, you get the best chance to succeed in this competitive world.

We've outlined below some of our key secrets to building viable and successful platforms for our clients.

Our agile standard

To become better professionals, we collaborate, generate discussions between engineers with complementary skills, and create a culture of constructive feedback. When you become our client, you become our partner, and our collaboration includes you.

Our Secret Weapon

Created by Jeff Paton, and introduced in the “User Story Mapping” book

this process completely changed our company. I can’t recommend this book enough.

We embraced his concepts very deeply and came up with our own version of Story Mapping.

Its main purpose is to create one of the most complex and most important thing in software engineering: Identifying user personas and creating user stories which allow us to outline the features and functions required by our users.

Example of a user story:

As a {description of user},

I want {functionality}

so that {benefit}.

Once we've collected all the user stories for each person we then create a project roadmap or also known as feature roadmap.

This will be explored in another article, but here’s a quick glimpse of how it looks like.

We then move through the modules, development, QA then code testing and code review to make sure we've crossed our Ts and dotted our Is.

Code Test Every single line of code we merge must first pass through several filters: static analysis tools, code reviews, and automated tests. Static analysis tools standardize our practices and detect potential problems, bugs, and even cosmetic details. High standards are a must for any company that supports a learning culture. Our standards are often challenged by our team members. This outstanding moment is when significant, high-level decisions take place.

Code Review

Last but not least, code reviews are an essential tool to educate a team on quality and standards. These reviews start conversations around difficult technical problems. We require that every single line of code gets approved by at least two senior members of the team. And we encourage every developer to review code.

What's Next

If you are the owner of a digital platform and would like to discuss the challenges you face on a technical level, contact us here.

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