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Don't have the budget to build your mobile app or SaaS platform?

We can help build your startup's digital assets (blueprints, prototype, website, content strategy, and pitch deck) to help you raise funds from Venture Capital firms and Angel Investors.

There are dozens of Venture Capital firms and Angel Investors across the country looking to invest in startups that are in early-stage seed round.

Remember Peter Thiel? He was the Angel Investor that gave (yes, it was called a $500k in seed round in early 2004.

Today, many others have followed suit in finding the next big thing. There are websites, accelerators, incubators, and even pitch events where investors flock in order to get in front of the next big opportunity... and when that's you, let's make sure you show up prepared!

The Startup Roadmap

We've created the entrepreneur startup kit to help founders raise capital from Angel Investors and VCs. The package consists of the following steps across the roadmap:


In our ideation phase, we'll unpack your concept together. We'll schedule work sessions to define the personas, use cases, features, user flow, UI/UX, revenue model, target market, growth strategies and more. We'll whiteboard, brainstorm and conduct market research to share our findings.
E8 Labs Account
We'll set you up with your E8 account so you have your command center. This is where you'll access all of your startup details: one place to manage everything.
We'll unpack the business model, the feature set, the unique users, competitors in the space, revenue models and so much more to solidify your startup.
This allows us to see everything from a bird's eye view: We'll whiteboard the user flow, prioritize features, and ask the important questions.


This is your blueprint. Your wireframe outlines the user journey, from simply signing up to using the core features of the app. It shows the user interface and user experience (UI/UX). Furthermore, it outlines the information architecture, the logic, and more. When investors see this, it lets them know that you're not approaching them with just a idea but rather a flushed-out concept.
Design Spec
This is a technical document outlining the user flow, the logic, and features that we'll use to create to create the wireframes.
Lo-Fi wireframes tell us about the information architecture. They communicate how and where text, buttons, and other elements are placed.
This is where the wireframe comes to life. It shows exactly what the platform will look like. It's a mockup of your platform.
Here are some world-class wireframes we have built for other startups:


The prototype is what you want to get in the hands of potential partners or investors. Many startups use this to conduct focus groups and determine if the concept really solves the pain points for users. This interactive prototype brings the idea to life, giving users the ability to engage first hand. This will give anyone you're sharing the concept with a glimpse of what your platform can do.
Real connection around real people looking for real relationships. Driven by user behavior to enrich communications.
Seed Market
An Ebay-like platform for agriculture with advanced bidding features for both buyers and farmers.
A holistic wellness platform for coaches, therapists and their patients. Begin your journey.


A platform built to enable real connection around real people looking for real relationships. Driven by user behavior, intimate user questions and video conversations to enrich communications between users.
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Seed Market

A platform built to enable real connection around real people looking for real relationships. Driven by user behavior, intimate user questions and video conversations to enrich communications between users.
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This is a technical document outlining the user flow, the logic, and features that we'll use to create to create the wireframes.
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This is your online footprint that states your startup exists OR that it’s in the works. Many startups use their landing page to build a user base by getting people to preregister, or to simply communicate their message about how they help solve a problem. On the website, you'll have your value prop, the benefits and problems you solve, a link to your prototype, features, pricing plans if any, and more, to communicate to both investors and your early adopters what your startup is all about.

Pitch Deck

A pitch deck or investor deck is a presentation that helps potential investors learn more about your startup. This consists of several slides that help you explain the problem, solution, market, financial projects, your team, and more. As strange as it sounds, the primary goal of a pitch desk is not to secure funding—it’s to make it to the next meeting. Securing funding is a multi-step process. A good, informative pitch deck is the first rung on the ladder. You’ll want to present investors with an idea that intrigues them and gets them to engage with you.
Here's what today's giants raised in their early pre-seed round


In seed stage
round in 2004


In seed stage
round in 2009


In seed stage
round in 2012


In seed stage
round in 2009

Our Team

Stunning Software
Made Together

Stunning Software
Made Together

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What our clients are saying

Zahra T.

Where the value in this company really lies is their personability. Noah really goes above and beyond to give our team excellent customer service and technical support. His entire team is professional, courteous and enjoyable to work with. Definitely recommend this team for your app idea and startup related needs!

Ian P

Server Please!
Noah and his team were able to build the app and get further than any of the other 7 developers previously to finish the job.  They were the 8th company AND THEY SUCCESSFULLY  did it right!

Jonathan B.

Great experience working with e8 labs. Professional team and quality work. I highly recommend them and looking forward to using them again in the future!

Colin T.

Evo Core
I must say my admiration was Noah's ability to think granularly at our approach to the market and the app we are building. He's already thought of the problems, solutions, roadblocks and everything else that comes with building an app.. its as if he's done this a million times. Good job kid, you continue to impress me.

Timothy N

Enlightened Meditation
The guys at E8 Labs are the real deal. Noah really brought my meditation studio to the app stores. We're in a big market but I know our app will stand out. We went back and forth with design but we got it right! Happy client. Thanks Noah

Gino V.

I don't have words to explain how satisfied and helpful E8 Labs was. I described my project and they build exactly what i wanted. They always called back when i requested, replied to emails on time. Their level of professionalism is 100%. You can see for yourself with the platform they have developed. i highly recommend them to everyone. I am very satisfy with the work they did. Thank you E8 Labs!

Isaiah A

For those of you reading, I have a lot to say about my experience but I’ll sum it up into three word.. DELIVERED with QUALITY! Beyond my expectations. Very Intricate process and they walk you through each phase. Can’t go wrong with E8 Labs .

Narbik K

I've been in my industry for all my life and yet Noah the team was able to catch on so quickly. They asked all the right questions and were able to bring a segment of my industry into the app world. Although we're a complex FinTech platform, the team delivered and continues to do so across our future versions.