Login Preference 

Will People have to login?

An email login is generally standard. What do you think your userbase will find convenient or can relate to when logging in?

What OS are we building on?

Apple iOS dominates the US market. Android has a broader reach internationally. Ultimately depends on your userbase and target region. 

OS Preference

Rating Preference

Do people rate or review? 

Do you have service providers that perform a service by which a customer must rate?

How nice you want the app to look?

Custom user interface and custom user experience will cost a pretty penny — it's not cheap being pretty.

How nice you want the app to look?

Need a website?

Do You Need a website?

We can create a simple website solely for user acquisition  and marketing purposes. If the app needs to integrate to the app or platform we can also handle that. 

Do you need an Admin Portal?

Admin portal is built to help your team manage the day to day operations on your platform.

Do you need an Admin Portal?