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Online dating that gets your friends and family involved.

The Idea: A New Approach To Dating Apps

Wingr is a new dating app that invites its users to stop swiping alone. Before dating apps exploded in popularity, people would often find their dates at bars, events, or through friends or family. Wingr brings this concept to your phone through the addition of online wingmen and wingwomen. Users can invite their friends and family to help them find compatible and meaningful connections.

In this dating app case study, we’ll refer to the love-seeking user as an Ace, and the secondary user (friend or family member) as a Wingr. Aces can match directly with other Aces, or Wingrs can share profiles they think their Ace would like.

The Process

Ideate to Solidity Concept
10 days
Product/Market Research
7 days
Wireframe Designs
21 days
Prototype & Beta Testing
10 days
Develop native iOS app
120 days
Go-to-market strategy
14 days

The Team & Tools Used


Product Developer
Product Designer
Quality Assurance

Tools Used

Adobe XD
Design and Prototype
Develop app
Project Management
Google drive
Manage Assets
Zoom whiteboard
Whiteboard session

Teck Stack


Pain Points for Dating Apps


Confidence is key in the dating world. At a bar or an event, you might have your trusty friends by your side to boost your confidence and help you spark up a conversation with someone new. On most dating apps, meanwhile, you’re left to do it all on your own. Wingr is a dating app designed to make its users feel more confident in their search for a match.

Tone and mood

After finding a new match, many online daters struggle with keeping a conversation going. Sometimes tone can get lost in translation, or maybe a joke just doesn’t land. Without body language or facial cues to clear up this potential source of confusion, it can be challenging to keep online conversations both lively and clear. This particular problem is the reason why 25% of conversations on dating apps just dwindle out.


With Wingr, you have your trusted friends and family as a wingman or wingwoman to better boost your confidence with each match. Direct profile sharing and messaging with your Wingrs reassures every Ace (singles) they are making the right moves and sparking the right conversations. Stuck on how to respond, you’ve got your Wingr right there to ask.

This introduces a social vibe amongst the Wingr groups which immediately boosts confidence within the Ace users. Wingrs also serve as social proof which in turn encourages the ace to act on that potential match. 

We have all screenshotted someone's profile and sent it to our friends to see what they think. This step is completely minimized as now you’re able to directly share within your Wingr groups and get their feedback immediately. We rely on our friends and family to give us honest feedback and Wingr will seamlessly bring family, friends and new connections together.

Competitive Analysis: Bumble and Hinge

As part of our dating app competitive analysis, we’ve analyzed the UI, UX, tech stack, and other attributes of popular dating apps. This allows us to capitalize on what the competition has done really well while noting room for improvement. In many cases, leading competitors have invested millions into research & development, which we can take advantage of – if we can understand it. Here are some of our findings while analyzing Bumble and Hinge, two giants in the dating app space.

Who are our early adopters?

  • Single men and women between the age of 24-34
  • Looking for a serious relationship
  • Are transparent about their dating lives with friends and family

Our Target Market

We’ve targeted regions within the United States with the highest number of singles. Based on market research, we discovered these hotspots to be Dallas, San Diego, and Los Angeles. These findings were based on this 2019 map displaying single person distribution across the United States.

Dating App Market Share Opportunity

Nearly 300 million people worldwide rely on dating apps to create new connections. Due in part to the recent pandemic, the number of users on dating apps has grown exponentially. The 2021 global dating market has increased to $4.3 billion in revenue. In the US alone, it’s risen to a $3 billion industry with much room to grow.
Piggybacking off of the success of Tinder, Bumble, Hinge, and other popular platforms, the dating space is primed for continued growth over the next decade. However, the only emerging dating apps who will succeed in grabbing dating app market share will be the ones that offer a users a unique, novel experience.

User Specific Features

Competitive Analysis

As part of the competitive analysis, we dissect the competitions product analyzing their UI/UX, tech stack, and more. This allows us to capitalize on what the competition has done really well and where they can improve. In many cases, leading competitors have invested millions into R&D which is to our advantage if we can understand it. Here are some of findings while analyzing Bumble and Hinge. Two dating giants in the game.

Ace - User looking for a new connection

Wingr - Friend or family swiping for designated Ace

What's The Flow (WTF)

MoSCoW Prioritization

MoSCoW method or MoSCoW analysis, is a popular prioritization technique for managing requirements. The acronym MoSCoW represents four categories of initiatives: must-have, should-have, could-have, and won't-have, or will not have right now.

Must Have

  • User Account Registration
  • Filter option
  • Wingr components
  • Profile dashboard
  • Messaging screen
  • Mood setting

Should Have

  • Push Notification
  • Direct Messaging with Wingr and Matches
  • Sharing Profiles
  • Unmatching Accounts

Could Have

  • Edit Profile Capabilities
  • Upload Media in Chats
  • User verification Via email
  • Device verification via phone number
  • Report bad behavior/ users

Won't Have

  • Premium Account
  • Live Customer Support
  • Live Help
  • Payment/Revenue Model

Design Guide





Icon Pack



Out Of Profile

  • Prompt the user to edit filter settings.
  • Recycle liked and unliked profiles.
  • Enjoy having the company of friends and family


  • Enhance server specs to meet demand.
  • Create a cache system for faster response.

Missed-Used Case from Ideation

  • Wingr prompted to be assigned to an Ace User
  • Notifications when a mood was changed.


Revenue Model

  • Focus on building a user base early.
  • Consider subscription and In-App purchases.

Chicken or Egg Problem

  • Concept require a network effect.
  • Monetize or build a user base.